Napier Street Residence

We took a brand new build ‘blank canvas’ and working with the developer created a cost-effective and modern landscape solution.

Plantings and pavers with garden beds and new soil installation. We advised the client on low maintenance, drought tolerant shrubs, trees and plants for a bright and fresh feeling shared yard for this front and back duplex.

Heatley House

We worked with the client to create a contemporary low-maintenance sloped garden to suit the modern interpretation of this old Strathcona house.

In selecting the plantings, we wanted to go with deep-rooting and drought-resistant plants to stabilize the slope.

Festuca blue oat grasses and Hebe shrubs compliment the clean lines of the home’s architecture with their tight and tidy forms.


39 Steps House at East Georgia

Outdoor entertaining space for sunny days under the fig tree with this south-facing gardener’s garden and stepped patio.

Working with the client we designed and installed a sunny outdoor room that spills into a lush garden with dappled light under a mature fig tree.

We used a lot of fragrant perennials and lush foliage to engage all the senses. The low maintenance and easy to clean hydro slab pavers provide dual walkways for the basement suite tenants and main house.